Bob Burnquist 1996 Transworld Interview

Posted on February 5th, 2015 by kevin

Here’s a 1996 Bob Burnquist interview from the Anti-Hero “Bob Gnar” days. The tricks are top notch but the interview itself doesn’t offer much outside the fact that Bob turned himself pro at age 14, and that Danny Way has always been his idol. Which got me thinking about the reach a young Danny Way had. Of course Danny helped shape countless kids in America(myself included), but it’s truly awesome to think how he was also shaping kids like Geoff Rowley in England & Bob in Brazil. And with skateboarding being as big as it is today, I shudder to think of the reach people like Paul Rodriguez must have, and what he is shaping the next generation into.

Interview taken from Transworld Skateboarding September 1996 issue.


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