Corey Duffel "Trashy" Interview

Posted on April 22nd, 2015 by kevin

I recall first hearing of this Corey Duffel interview back in ‘01, I almost couldn’t believe my ears… Corey Duffel said what? ...about Stevie Williams? The entire skateboard world was in shock. Nobody understood if Corey was a genuine racist, or if he had gone too far in his whole “I don’t care” punk/brat facade. All anyone could agree on was that Stevie was going to respond. And that rebuttal came the very next month, with Stevie surprisingly taking the high road, although he couldn’t speak for “my soldiers who got my back”. In the end, we’re not sure if Corey ever received the beating he deserved, but hope he at least learned a little something about his ignorance.

Sorry to post as single pages, this was for legibility.

Corey Duffel interview taken from Big Brother August 2001 issue.
Stevie Williams rebuttal taken from Big Brother September 2001 issue.


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