Fullerton Union High School Closer Look

Posted on June 1st, 2015 by kevin

Fullerton Union High School is one of those Orange County schools that’s so littered with familiar spots, that some don’t realize they’re all under the same roof. Through most of the 1990s, the school was an ideal meeting/warm-up spot, in that it had something for everybody and plenty of smooth hallways to flow around on. But as time passed, security started cracking down, skate stoppers were invented, and well, we all know how this ends. I was hyped to see a crew of kids still skating what’s left when I stopped by recently, but overall the school felt like a shell of its former self.

The concrete leading to this bench is at a slight incline and created a fun little gap to ledge, but the metal lid with rails they installed put an end to that.

These ledges were soo fun and were wide enough that they could also be skated on top.

This set leads from a hallway into a side street which is never very busy. This is one of the few spots you can still skate, as long as a car isn’t parked in the way.

This hallway bump is another remaining spot, and with perfectly smooth ground, is still a good time.

These steps are next to the hallway bump.

This ledge/manual pad going down the hallway bump is done.

Make a right turn after the hallway bump and you’ll see these short retaining walls waiting for you. Easy to get over, with a slightly larger drop on the other side.

Here’s a view of the retaining walls from the other side.

This was interesting for doing tricks into and then out of.

And then there was the 3-flat stair set that got torn out during construction years ago, although a few new ledges got added in the process.

There was a rad group of kids skating this ledge, I wish I had them get in the photo.

And then just across the street is this parking structure that Ronnie Creager used to close out 20 Shot Sequence.


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