Random Ads Vol. 1

Posted on February 17th, 2015 by kevin

In scanning our magazine collection, we come across a lot of ads which don’t make it into our Library for one reason or another. It just isn’t possible for us to create a brand page for every company that runs a single page ad. Not to mention the majority of these companies/products are fairly suspect. So I’ll start posting batches of these random ads here from time to time, and one day maybe add them to our Library.

From October 1986, here’s an ad for Tony Hawk endorsed bionic hip padding. Not sure how that one size fits all sizing worked.

Also from October 1986 comes this ad for Hi-Energy Skate Gloves. Wild times.

From October 2000, this Platform ad featured Rodney Torres, Ben Liversedge & Geo Moya. I guess Platform was some sort of hip-hop inspired online retailer which dabbled in skate brands.

From September 2003, we have an ad for Guerrilla Union clothing with Ryan Johnson, Chris Gentry & Pat Channita.

From July 1998, I’ve always been confused on this Outlaw Skate ad with Donna D’Errico exiting a porta potty.

From February 1996, this Impala Sportswear ad featured John Schultes, or as they call him John Shultiz.

From November 1983, I like the free and easy illustration on this Street Surfer Trucks ad.

From November 1998, this Jones Trucks ad has an 11 year old Jon Goemann tossing himself down a healthy set.

From November 2004, here’s an Up Trucks ad with Alberto Pires. No kingpin design?

From August 1997, we have an ad for 2 Fish shoes. Shocked at some of those authorized dealers.

From February 2003, we have an ad for the Fakies skateboard wheel yo-yo.

Also from February 2003, here’s an ad for the Hung skateboard rack featuring Paul Rodriguez.

From July 2008, this Grip Gum ad had Jason Smith… and the Grip Gum girls?


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