The Backside 360

Posted on January 30th, 2015 by kevin

After seeing Justin’s Matt Hensley post this morning and then posting this Rowley ad to our Library this afternoon, it got me thinking about the backside 360. We all have those tricks that are so close but we can’t quite commit to, and for me the backside 360 is one of those tricks. The problem is that mine are of the Matt Hensley variety, in that my front foot comes flying off, but I can’t bring myself to put it back down after rotating around. The few I’ve committed to have ended with my weight not being centered, the board zinging out from under me, and me slamming on my elbow. And at the ripe age of 40, I’m not sure if I have it in me to learn em, but I’ve surprised myself a bit lately so I’m not going to say never. In the meantime, I’ll post these Thrasher contents pages as motivation.

Jaws with a huge backside 360 over the Winona Ditch stream. September, 2009.

Heath Kirchart snaps a monster backside 360 in his “retirement” years. November, 2011.


  • Hey! I know its a long shot but I've been searching high and low and I can't find ANYTHING regarding the adio kris markovich v4's other than this distorted picture from adio - the one step beyond youth brigade ad from 2002!! http://skately.com/library/ads/adio-shoes-youth-brigade-2002 Do you have any idea where I might find anything on them!? Thanks Stefan!

    by StefanCraggs on 02/03/2015 1:14am