The Evolution of Jim Greco

Posted on May 10th, 2010 by kevin

Let me start by saying that at one point in time I was a pretty big Jim Greco fan. This was from his time on Zero through his part in Baker2G, which in my opinion, is still his best video part to date. Back then, Jim had a punk rock attitude where it seemed he didn’t give a crap what anyone thought about him and that attitude was apparent in his personality and skating. In his days on Zero, I remember following a caravan of cars to a demo where at a red light Jim jumped out the back of a truck, ran to the corner, and proceeded to take a leak on the Blockbuster Video sign right there for anyone to see and thinking to myself, damn, this guy truly doesn’t care.

But since then, it seems as though Jim has gone from not caring what anyone thinks, to being overly concerned with it. I’d hear stories of Jim looking in the mirror and calling out “gear check” 5-10 times before being able to leave the house and go skate. And it was stories like these that left me wondering… what happened to this guy? How do your signature products go from looking like this, to this and this? I suppose his gear crisis has offered us a certain level of entertainment, but over time has become more of a distraction and has forced me to tune him out completely.

In the span of a few years Jim went from jeans and a tee, to fully flared, to pirate garb, to Italian stallion, back to jeans and a tee, to hair extensions with makeup and everywhere in between. It’s almost like Jim has become our modern day Simon Woodstock. Seriously, Jim could nollie b/s flip El Toro, but if he’s gonna do it looking like this, I’m not going to notice or even care.


  • lol if he nollie bs flipped el toro and you didnt care you're mad and he wins

    by colinstephenson on 11/24/2011 12:51pm