Milk Skateboards

Milk Skateboards

Milk Skateboard Goods or MSG was a deck company that was started by Christian Hosoi in the early 1990s. Milk had their own vibe with deck graphics primarily being done by Christian, Ron Chatman, Mark Gonzales, and Ivan(Christian's dad). Milk team riders included Christian Hosoi, Ron Chatman, Gershon Mosley, Richard Mulder, Jose Cerda, Jake Burns, Tony Briseno, George Morales, Anthony Carney, Ian Hatley, Yoski Obayashi, Dave Griffin, Travis Kolt, Melvin Reynolds, and Danny Highfill.

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  • you guys forgot an AD by Marcus Stroud in 1992. anyway you can track that one down?

    by marcusstroud on 06/07/2018 7:35pm