Alex "Trainwreck" Gall

Alex "Trainwreck" Gall


  • Nick Name: Trainwreck
  • Hometown: Oceanside, CA
  • Stance: Goofy

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  • My names Danny from n of Boston ma I'm 43 been skating following skating since 87 was 12 with my Tommy Guerrero tracker trucks Powell Swiss, an hospital rockets board cost a fortune back then risers, rails rip grip, but I got good fast, forward to know still skate bad knees ankles skate shoes I'm more of an ankle support guy but anyway Alex gall is 1 of my favorites kid was insane style was great I mean switch Japan's!!! He got clean has a great co. Can weld looks great wish he would do a nine club episode I watched adrians Lopez episode an he's doing good but Alex is on Instagram sober, loves to fish has a boat he's not a sob story like alot of skaters who had short but great careers, all luv trainwreck

    by DannyTiberio on 01/05/2019 5:05am
  • Train Wreck! Where are ya?

    by JoeyParkhill on 09/10/2011 4:27pm
  • One of the best. One of the rawest.

    by kevin on 02/23/2011 7:20pm
  • Wreck was the shit! I really wish he would have gotten his knee fixed and stayed in the game a little longer. Oh well, I guess it's better to burn out than fade away.

    by Miles on 08/13/2010 9:52pm