World Industries - 20 Shot Sequence (1994) Soundtrack

World Industries - 20 Shot Sequence (1994) Soundtrack

The 20 Shot Sequence video brought us amazing parts from the Blind, 101, Menace, Prime and World Industries teams. Starring Jason Dill, Clyde Singleton, Gino Iannucci, Billy Valdes, Eric Pupecki, Joey Suriel, Fabian Alomar, Chris Lambert, Jason Maxwell, Shin Okada, Caine Gayle, Mike Santarossa, Mike Crum, Quy Nguyen, Kris Markovich, Marcelle Johnson, Sam Devlin, Maurice Key, Shiloh Greathouse, Daewon Song, Kareem Campbell, Henry Sanchez, Keenan Milton, Lavar McBride and Ronnie Creager.

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