Pipeline Skatepark

Pipeline Skatepark

The Pipeline Skatepark was founded by the Hoffman family in 1977 and was the first vertical skateboard park ever built. The park consisted of a long ditch with a hip which led into a 15' bowl, a fullpipe with 12' bowl, 4 back pools of varying size, the massive combi bowl and a freestyle area. Also known as Badlands, the Pipeline helped shape countless skate legends but was unfortunately demolished in 1989 due to insurance reasons and dwindling participation.

  • Location: Upland, California, US
  • Map: Pipeline Skatepark on Google Maps

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  • So many great childhood memories there. Chris Miller in the combi was pure poetry. And Salba, Malba & Chris Robison skating faster than I could even comprehend as a kid. Good times.

    by kevin on 03/10/2011 2:34pm